7g + 15g + 21g Brushed Black Ribbon Bracelet

The Le Gramme Brushed Black Ribbon Bracelet Trio – a pinnacle of contemporary elegance and bold individuality. This exclusive bundle features the 7g, 15g, and 21g Brushed Black Ribbon Bracelets, a meticulously curated collection that exemplifies the brand’s commitment to precision craftsmanship and minimalist design.The 7g Brushed Black Ribbon Bracelet, with its sleek black hue and finely brushed texture, sets the foundation for understated sophistication. Complementing this is the 15g Brushed Black Ribbon Bracelet, making a bold statement with its substantial weight and refined black finish. Elevating the trio is the commanding 21g Brushed Black Ribbon Bracelet, a powerful accessory that exudes confidence and modernity.This bundle allows for dynamic styling options, from a subtle solo statement to a layered expression of strength and style. Whether worn individually or combined for a striking effect, the Le Gramme Brushed Black Ribbon Bracelet Trio offers a versatile and luxurious addition to your accessory collection, transcending trends with its enduring design and unmatched craftsmanship. Redefine your personal style with this exclusive ensemble, a testament to Le Gramme’s dedication to timeless elegance.. 925 Sterling Silver. Made in France. Made From Precious Materials. Lifetime Warranty

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