(92.5 Silver) Adia Silver Double-Sided Transforming Heart Necklace

It is a 92.5 silver necklace that can give the effect of 4 necklaces in one – this will add a feminine and lovely touch to your romantic look! With its red and black double-sided colors, it is easy to coordinate with your wardrobe.. When you open the clover, it can be transformed into a heart, so you can wear it in a variety of moods! There are magnets on both ends of the heart, so it’s easy to change the shape of the object.. What’s Inside. Component: (1) Adia Silver Double-Sided Transforming Heart Necklace. Size:. (length) 41.5 ~ 45.5cm. (heart) 0.6cm. Material: 92.5 Silver, cubic

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