DigPro 70cm Shadowless Studio Photographic Product Light Tent with specific shooting holes.


DigPro 70cm Shadowless Studio. Anti Reflection Tent. Save time photo editing.This high quality 70cm photo tent is specifically designed for jewellery, glass,mirror and metal products. Glare and reflection can cause great problems when photographing “shiny” products. The DigPro Shadowless tent helps to reduce this glare and reduce the amount of picture editing required. This is achieved by manufacturing the tent from high quality PVC. This allows various lighting effects to be achieved without glare or “hot spots”.As a result, your images will be sharper, clearer and easier to use. The studio tent is fold-able and easy to carry. Manufactured high quality Nylon lighting material is made to a patented US design and offers the highest standards of manufacture available. Full UK customer support available for all DigPro products.