DigPro ET-W10 WiFi Transmitter for DigPro 360 Turntable, connect your camera, turn wirelessly.


DigPro WiFi Transmitter for use with ET-270 & ET-470 2nd Generation DigPro Turntables. Connect your DigPro 360° Turntable to your camera, WIRELESSLY. Compatible with any DLSR with a Flash mount – Just Plug and Play, no software required.
Rather than using the App based system or setting the table to automatically turn with the ET-W10 you can connect to your camera and each time the trigger is depressed the table will be told wirelessly to move to the next position.
A useful addition to work alongside a DigPro ET270 or ET470 360° motorised turntable speeding up the photographic process by 50% (No human intervention). This unit is fully programmed with shooting modes and automatically sends commands to the turntable. With an LED display and full control panel, this unit will complete your DigPro 360° experience. Full UK customer support available for all DigPro products.