Ex-Pro 40 x 40cm Easy Folding Photo Studio Softbox Flash Diffuser Speedlight


16″/40cm Portable Professional Softbox Kit for Flash Speedlite
The softbox diffuses the strobe flash, giving you perfect even lighting. The Ex-Pro speedlite softbox is high quality, durable, easy to setup, and simple to use.
This is a portable and versatile softbox designed for speedlites and flashes with a hotshoe (See list).

High quality nylon construction
16″ x 16″ (rim-to-rim) large softbox with 3-3/4″ dia. Collapsible hole.
Built-in Four-side Light (Silver) Reflectors which are perfect for concentrating light.
Matching diffusser white cover that is adjustable to soften flashes and remove shadows, thereby improving image quality.
Easy to setup in minutes and perfect for home or studio use.
L-Shaped Mouting Bracket
Fully Adjustable to accomodate almost all speedlites with hotshoe fitting.
Built in Metal right with heat output vent holds for connection to softbox.
Mounts to standard Lightstand (Ex-Pro or other brand) or use our Tripod adapter.
Adjustable Max 8″ from centre point to the horizontal bracket.
Mounting bracket height (With metal ring) 10″ Smallest, 12″1/2 longest.
Inner Diameter of Metal Ring 3-1/2″
Outer Diameter of Metal Ring 6″
Carry Case
Holds all the accessories, including mouting bracket, softbox and cover, quality tough nylon.
ISO Hotshoe Flash compatiblity
Nikon SB-900,SB-800,SB-600,SB-80DX,SB28,SB26,SB25,SB24
Canon 580EX II,580EX,550EX,540EZ,430EX,420EX,380EX,430EZ
Pentax AF500FTZ,APZL-106AF
Olympus FL-40,FL-50,G40,F50R,F50,F36R,F36
Nissin DI866,DI622,DI466
Sigma EF-500DG Super, ST, EF-530DG
Minolta 4000AF,2800AF
Whats in the box
1 x 40cm Speedlight Softbox
1 x L-Shaped bracket and Flash Ring
1 x Carry CaseHigh quality nylon consrtuction softbox with front overcover diffuser.Compatible with most Flashes with hotshoe (See main description for list).Includes carry bag, soft box folds to carry bag. Includes L Shaped mounting bracket (See main description).Built-in metal ring with heat output holes for connecting to the softbox.Inner Diameter of Metal Ring: 3-1/2″. Outer Diameter of Metal Ring: 6″.