Ex-Pro® Canon BP-110, BP110 High Power Plus+ Digital Camcorder Battery


Ex-Pro replacement Li-ion Battery. Can be used as a replacement or additional
battery. Our cell’s are manufactured to the highest standard meeting or
exceeding the original manufacturers specification and supplied with a 2 year
RTB guarantee. Ex-Pro batteries are fully tested and built with lithium-Ion
technology to ensure maximum Power and battery life. The BP-110 Ex-Pro unit is chipped to same specification as the OEM . The Ex-Pro unit can charge on any charger and functions exactly as your Canon OEM Original unit but will not display the battery level indication, but will still function perfectly.

Ex-pro High Capacity Long Life lithium-Ion cells.
Cell will Meet or exceed the manufacturers original OEM specifications.
100% OEM Compatible.
Uses lithium-Ion technology to ensure maximum battery life and Power.

Manufactured using the highest quality materials, CE approved, ROHS
Compliant certification.
2 Year Warranty.