Ex-Pro Continuous Dual [2 units] Photography Lighting kit including 65w (Eqiv 280w), stands, brackets & Umbrella – Black & Gold


Ex-Pro kit includes 2 x Photographic light stands, Bulbs, brackets and umbrella’s. 

65w Continuous daylight lighting bulbs set UK standard (Low voltage Cool running 5500K ideal for Photographic lighting – equivalent to 280w). Ex-Pro Umbrella 33″ Black/Gold One layer Reflector umbrella manufacture from highly reflective Gold coated material. This type of surface will spread the source of light and also gives the light a warmer glow output instead of concentrating the light in one spot (from light source) producing a wide spread of softer, warmer light. The design of the internal gold reflective surface gives maximum reflection possible.

What’s in the box ?

2 x Ex-Pro Light Stands (Min Height 0.5m / 50cm) (Max Height 1.86m / 186cm).

2 x Ex-Pro 65w Daylight Bulbs (280w Equivalent).

2 x 33″ Black & Gold Reflective Umbrellas.

2 x Ex-Pro Single Head E27 Light/Umbrella holders (Switchable with fitted UK Plug).

1 x Carry Bag.

1 Year Ex-Pro Manufacture defect warranty.