Ex-Pro Kyocera BP1100S, BP1100, BP-1100S EZi-Power USB Charger with USB Cable


Ex-Pro® EZi-Power USB Battery Charger, charge your Digital Camera Battery / Camcorder battery directly from your USB Port, USB Phone Charger or indeed any USB port which offers charge. The EZi-Power charger is super thin and lightweight which is ideal for travelling, the chargers weight been just 20g desgined exclusively for Ex-Pro®. The standard package consists of a USB charge battery base and USB Cable which allows connnection to any USB port/USB Charger for charging, this can be used in conjunction with any USB charger so if you already use a in-car USB lighter charger or have a phone/tablet/Apple device charger (USB Mains) or an Apple USB charger there is no need to purchase anything else or simply connect to your USB port and your battery will charge, Blue LED indicates charging.Whats in the box ?1 x Ex-Pro® EZi-Power USB Battery Charger battery specific.1 x Ex-Pro® Micro USB Cable Compatible with ?For use with the following battery :- Kyocera BP1100S, BP1100, BP-1100SReplaces charger:- For use with the following devices :-Kyocera Contax U4R, U4RB, U4RBK Ex-Pro® Eco-Pack, where possible from 2013 we will be shipping as many of our traditional retail packs/boxes in easy-open eco-freindly packaging this reduces waste, keeps pricing low and reduces our carbon footprint (and of course yours too).