Ex-Pro® Olympus BLN-1, BLN1, BCN-1, BCN1 Digital Camera Travel Charger, UK, USA, Canada & Europe – 2 Hour Fast Charge – for Olymp…


The Ex-Pro ultimate fast charger (1-2 hours depending on capacity of battery) fitting battery designated. It power rating is world wide and can be used worldwide without the need for travel adapters (depending on model) it also includes an in-car adapter to charge from a standard cigarette 12v output. See below the slide adapters included with this model for travelling.

Featuring the latest in fast charge technology

Fast charging time of 1-2 hours depending on battery capacity.

Automated variable charge current, depending on battery model, for safe and efficient charging.
Sophisticated 3-stage constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV) charge programme with soft start, fast-charge and top-up maintenance charge.

Over-temperature battery protection.

A stylish dedicated charge solution

Stylish direct plug-in charger for Lithium-Ion digital camera batteries.

Multi-colour LED charge indication to monitor the charge process.

Have charger will travel !

Built-in universal voltage for worldwide use, this unit includes 3 plugs for travelling.
Direct plug-in charger with 3 Adapters, UK – 3 Pin, Euro 2 Pin Round and USA/Canada 2 Pin Flat.

A mobile solution – 12V car lead for use in car, boat or caravan.

For cameras/Camcorders tied up while recharging the battery with docking station or on-board charge, the Ex-Pro Charger is the perfect alternative – releasing the camera from charging, allowing further use.

Ex-Pro® Package includes

1 x LCD Indication Mains base charger (CE Approved) 

1 x Plate for specific battery types designated. 

3 x Mains Plug Slide Adatpers (UK 3 Pin, EU 2 Pin Round, USA/Canada/Other 2 Pin Flat) 

1 x In-Car Charger for use exclusively with Ex-Pro® base chargers.

2 Year Ex-Pro® Manufacture Warranty.

[Optional Australian Adapter seperately now available (not included) – See associated products link below.]