Ex-Pro® Olympus BLN-1, BLN1, BCN-1, BCN1 – Dual (Twin) Battery Fast Charge Digital Camera Charger


Ex-Pro® LED Dual (Twin) Fast Charger – Simple design including required plates and mains operated. Charges your camera/camcorders batteries directly in average of 2 hours – charge 1 or 2 batteries . CE Approved for Electrical use, ROHS Approved product. Charges in an average of 2 hours depending on the mAh of your batteries. Unit supplied with UK 3 Pin Mains plug but can be used world with via Travel adapter if required, the device is rated for travel use. Automatic Cut-Off on completion of charge, Charge indication LED lights. 100% compatible with all OEM and None OEM batteries stated.
2 Year Ex-Pro® Warranty – CE APPROVED PRODUCT.

Ex-Pro® Package includes :-
1 x LED Indication DUAL Mains base charger (CE Approved)
2 x Plate for specific battery types designated.
1 x Mains Plug, UK 3 Pin.
2 Year Ex-Pro® Manufacture Warranty.