Ex-Pro Pentax Hot Shoe cover [See description for models] [Pack of 3]


Ex-Pro Pentax DSLR Hot-Shoe Cover. 1 Year Ex-Pro Warranty. Protects from dust, dirt and moisture.

Pentax Q, Q10, K-01, K-30Ex-Pro Eco pack Where possible we will be shipping as many of our traditional retail packs/boxes in easy-open eco-freindly re-usable packaging to reduce waste, this keeps our pricing low and reduces our carbon footprint (and of course yours too). Available in packs of 1 & 3Ex-Pro Pentax DSLR Hot-Shoe Cover – Pack of 3Compatible with the following Pentax Q, Q10, K-01, K-30Protects from dust, dirt and moisture.2 Year Ex-Pro Warranty.