Ex-Pro Photographic Product Kit Pro180 Midi Day Light Set Continuous Lighting with 60cm Tent


Ex-Pro Photographic Product Kit Pro180 Midi Day Light Set Continuous Lighting with 60cm Tent
Professional Pro180 Lighting Set. Includes 25W (100W Equivalent) 5500K CRI90 Daylight White bulb 10000 hours Energy Saving 220V offering True Daylight Bulbs provide a daylight white light for excellent colour mixing ideal for product photography and for use with Lighting Tents.
No need for filters or software editing (The colour of the image closely resembles the colour of the original item) Lights come with Fold-able Light Stands – Max Height: 24″ (60cm); Min Height: 13″ (33cm) Leg Spread Diameter: 12″ (30cm) Weight: 2 x 700g (including stands), these pack away nicely to the include case.
Excellent for field job. Includes lighting kit carry case, keeps all the lighting kit together, light tent has it’s own zip case creating a ready to go studio giving your products a new lease of life.
In response to the ever changing photographic market and DIY photographic requirements for site/business owners Ex-Pro Lighting kits offer excellent quality and added value for money.
Includes high quality carry case containing all the lighting equipment.

Ex-Pro Photographic Light Cube
100% pure white nylon fabric and stainless spring steel frame, easily folds away for compact storage.
Now includes 4 x High Quality photographic flocked backdrops coated in flocked smooth material which absorbs flash light so that the product appears vibrant without reflection from the actual background.
1 White, 1 Black, 1 Red, 1 Blue – provides excellent options to show of any object or product.
The tent provides a filter for light and diffuses light to prevent both shadows and reflections on your object.
This gives a clean professional result to all items being photographed. The tent has a removable front cover for camera lens access to the interior. (Almost like a peep hole)

What’s in the Box 2 x Ex-Pro Mini Light Stands 2 x Light Heads 2 x Photographic Light Bulbs. 1 x Ex-Pro Carry Case. 1 x 60cm x 60cm Ex-Pro Light Cube. 1 x Cube carry case.