Ex-Pro® Power Grip Pentax D-BG5/BG-5 VALUE KIT (D-Li90) Series for Pentax K3, K-3 (Includes 3 x D-Li90)


Ex-Pro® Power Grip series is a professional grip series manufactured to a high standard. Ensuring that event though the item replaces the original grip at a fraction of the cost quality is maintained throughout. The Silicon grip section has a “Soft Touch and Feel”. Maintaining the balance between your camera and grip is essential and once the internal batteries are added the grip adds stability and balance when using a lenses, perfect for the longer shoots when power is a must. The Ex-Pro BG-5 grip allows the use of 1 x D-Li90 type batteries [3 x Ex-Pro Power Plus+ D-Li90 included.] or use the additional included cradle with 6 x AA batteries in an emergency What’s in the box1 x BG-5 Ex-Pro Grip.1 x AA Battery cradle uses 6xAA batteries which are not included.3 x Ex-Pro Power Plus+ D-Li90 included.