Ex-Pro® Replacement Sony AC LS5, AC-LS5, AC-LS5K, ACLS5, ACLS5K.CEK In-Car AC Power Supply Adapter


Provides AC In-Car Power supply to Camera’s/Camcorders using Sony AC LS5, AC-LS5, AC-LS5K, ACLS5, ACLS5K.CE

12v operational input from Car Cigarette adapter. Provides direct power to compatible Cameras directly or via VMC-MD1,MD2 or MD3 Multi tap cables (Supplied with your camera or available seperate). See your camera manual for details.

Ideal where consistant shooting is required to power the Sony unit without the need for a battery. Automatic overload protection circuit. LED operation indiciation.

Lifetime Ex-Pro Warranty, ROHS, CE Approved and manufactured to a high standard.
In-camera battery charging not available for: DSC-P52, DSC-P32, DSC-P72,
DSC-P41, DSC-P43, DSC-P73, DSC-P92, DSC-P93, DSC-P93A, DSC-H1, DSC-W1,
DSC-W12, DSC-W5, DSC-W15, DSC-W7, DSC-W17, DSC-S60, DSC-S80, DSC-ST80,