Faithfull 2 Socket Cable Extension Reel 240v 15m


Faithfull Open Drum Cable Reel with twin 240V sockets. The 1.25mm² cable is fitted with a standard 240V plug. For added safety, the reel is fitted with a thermal overload protection system to prevent overheating damaging the cable when in use. The heavy-duty plastic drum is mounted on a sturdy steel frame with a textured grip for user comfort. Complies to BS EN 61242. Max. Load Unwound: 3,120W (13A)Max. Load Fully Wound: 960W (4A) NOTE: All cable reels should be fully unwound before they are used to carry their recommended maximum load.1 x Faithfull Power Plus Open Drum Cable Reel 240V 13A 2-Socket 15mAdditional Information:• Length: 15m• No of Sockets: 2• Amp: 13