Maybelline Brow Extensions Eyebrow Pomade Crayon

Meet our first ever Brow Extensions in a stick. Our first ever brow fibre extensions pomade crayon delivers natural looking, thick eyebrows all in one easy step. Made with fibre packed pomade to adhere to eyebrow hairs.Maybelline Brow Extensions Pomade Crayon thickens as it colours while leaving behind a natural matte finish. This must have crayon fills and fixes uneven eyebrows within seconds.It is the best eyebrow filler to easily thicken eyebrows. Made with a breakthrough fibre technology Brow Extensions is available in 6 fibre infused shades: Light Blonde, Blonde, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, Deep Brown and Black Brown.This gliding pomade crayon offers mess free application that keeps brows in place. Get that thick natural brow look you’ve always wanted!INSTANTLY THICKER EYEBROWS with a natural end look.Meet our first brow fibre extenstions in a stick that builds, fills and thickens in a New York Minute. Infused with ‘hair like’ fibres which define, fill and thicken eyebrows. This completely unlike any other eyebrow product out there – thickens and fills in seconds!FIBRE PACKED POMADE sticks to eyebrow hairs so it thickens as it colours, leaving behind a matte natural looking finish. Fills and thickens eyebrows in minutes.EASY TO USE fibre pomade crayon acts as eyebrow filler that builds, thickens and fills with upward strokes within seconds. Perfect for natural looking eyebrows and perfect for thin eyebrows.BREAKTHROUGH FIBRE TECHNOLOGY is now available in six fiber infused shades, from Light Blonde to Black Brown.PERFECT FOR NATURAL LOOKING EYEBROWS. Also features a washable formula that is ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lens wearers.How to use”How to use Maybelline Brow Extensions Fibre Pomade Pen: SO EASY TO USE THERE IS ONLY 1 STEP!!!Step 1: Use short upward strokes to build and fill the brow to the desired thickness.”

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