Pull & Twisting Waist Dish

    It’s hard not to envy those women with gorgeous legs, a snatched waist, and curvy hips, isn’t it? To help you become more attractive, irresistible, and confident in your own body, we present the Pull & Twisting Waist Dish. This home workout equipment will tone your abdomen, slim your waist, and accentuate those curves, all from the comfort of your bedroom. Simply stand on the disc, grasp the resistance bands, and start twisting your body. For added intensity, bend your legs and contract your arms during the exercise. Soon, you’ll be able to confidently wear those leggings and body-hugging dresses that you’ve always longed for. Why You’ll Love It At-home slimming exercise partner: Get slim at home with this twist disk now. Start moving slowly at first and then pick up your pace progressively. You have the option to purchase the dish with or without resistance bands. Resistance bands increase stability and provide more resistance to yield results at a faster pace. Tone your body: There are no second thoughts about ladies wanting those attractive curves. This twisting disk is an easy, home-based solution that’ll slim your waist, tone your abdomen and shape your legs and hips. Provides relaxing foot massage: The acupuncture nodes on the base activate the acupuncture points of your body, relax you and increase the blood circulation in your body. Your mind and body will feel fresh and energized. Improves balance: Twisting your body and moving on the disc for about 20 minutes a day will give you fast results. It will improve your balance and flexibility. Become attractive for your partner and feel good about yourself. Features Material: Steel, ABS, magnet 360-degree rotating base Anti-skid base Slims your waist and tones your abdomen Provides acupuncture massage Improves balance & flexibility Available with or without resistance bands Diameter: 27 cm