Snowboogie® Super Tube


The Super Tube uses a patent-pending, fabric lamination technology to offer the extra comfy touch as well as added durability than all vinyl tube.. Warm & Soft Touch. The added fabric layer provides a warm and soft touch instead of the cold and plastic feel found on low-priced tubes.. Light Weight. Our Complex-Flex membrane technology directly laminates the fabric layer onto the cold-resistant PVC vinyl for extra durability resulting in much lighter weight than other fabric-covered tubes.. More Durable. While you are enjoying the snow, the fabric layer can endure scratches by sharp objects such as zippers on your clothing better than normal vinyl tubes.. New Complex-Flex® membrane by Wham-O® (Patent pending). Extra durable impact and puncture protection. Light weight. Soft feel with better GRIP EVEN WHEN WET. Durable cold-resistant PVC vinyl on the snow surface. Double Layer for high durability. Oversize deluxe design. 1-person luxury tube with 2 molded-grip handles. Size: 46″ Snowboogie® Super Tube.

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Inflatable Snow Tube

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