Sterimar Kids Congestion Relief Spray 50ml

Sterimar Kids Congestion Relief Spray 50ml. 100% Natural Sea Water based Nasal Sprays; GP no.1 recommended brand*. Decongests rapidly from 3 months. Helps relieve the symptoms of colds and help reduce the risk of secondary infections by washing out nasal cavities and is suitablefor vegans & vegetarians. For more than 40 years Sterimar has been helping families breathe free, naturally. Sterimar Congestion Relief Kids has been developed for rapid decongestion. The gentle micro-diffusion spray pressure and specific nozzle have been designed for childrens sensitive noses. Suitable from 3 months to 3 years.. The hypertonic formula contains a sodium chloride (salt) concentration higher than the one of the human body cells so is recommended to gently draw and drain excess fluid from the nasal lining.. Ingredients:. Sea Water, Copper Salt, Manganese Salt, Purified Water.. Always read the label before use

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