Washable Slingback Sport Sandals

Enjoy all-day comfort and freedom from foot pain with our Washable Slingback Sport Sandals. These stylish and practical shoes are designed to provide relief from heel pain and numbness, thanks to their thick cushioned soles and angle-correcting design. Ideal for Sunday grocery shopping, casual outings with friends, or any activity that requires extended periods of walking or standing, these sandals are the perfect solution for those seeking both fashion and function. Why You’ll Love It Reduce pain in the feet: These sandals reduce foot pain in two ways. First, it rectifies your faulty walking angles that release pressure on your tibia, fibula and midfoot bones. Second, it absorbs the impact force of the ground so that when you jump, jog or walk, only a small portion of the force reaches your feet. Comfy to wear for hours: The sandals have a breathable mesh design that lets air pass through them. Also, the straps are elastic, which makes sure they are not uncomfortably rubbing the back side of your ankle constantly. Pair with many bottoms: You can wear them with pants, trousers, skirts, leggings and frocks. Highly suitable for casual outings and gatherings. Size chart US Size EU Size Foot Length (cm) Foot Length (in) 4.5 35 22.5 8.9 5 36 23 9.1 6 37 23.5 9.3 7 38 24 9.4 7.5 39 24.5 9.6 8 40 25 9.8 9 41 25.5 10 10 42 26 10.2 11 43 26.5 10.4 Features Material: Mesh, PVC Alleviates pain in your feet Corrects your walking angle Absorb impact force of the ground Breathable design Washable in nature