Ex-Pro 72mm White Balance Lens Cap.


The Ex-Pro White Balance Lens Cap is great for use with digital cameras. Just place the White Balance Lens Cap, point your camera at a subject area, and the incoming light is diffused to create an average white balance for a particular scene. (Check camera manufacturer’s manual for setting white balance.). The White Balance Lens Cap easily slips on to the front of any appropriately sized lens (Check the size of your lense we stock various sized units). The lens cap comes with a handy loop to connect it to a camera strap or strap lug so you don’t lose the cap. White balancing is essential for indoor filming or photography when there is fluorescent lighting, and if you are moving from one lighting situation to another.Set your camera to the manual mode for white balance, Screw the cap to the lens, Set the focus length to telephoto mode, Aim at your subject and shoot.Standard thread, Brand new and packaged.This is a brand new and unused white balance lens cap which will fit any digital camera or video camera that has a standard 72mm thread.