Ex-Pro® Photographic Background 3m x 6m – High Quality Cotton – Chroma Key Green


Ex-Pro® Photographic Background 3m x 6m – High Quality Cotton – Green Chromakey Screen. This backdrop easily attaches to your background stand set (NOTE: Stands and cross beams are not included in this purchase – only backdrop). Backdrop has a 3″ Rod pocket running along the top edge. Black backdrops are the best solution to produce for photos, product photos, videos, web commercials or advertisements, especially for adequate quantities for large projects / shoots or provide a full background for a variety of poses of a model in a sitting, standing or even lying position. Ideal for chromakey projects – digital editing for video footage etc.. [Please note green differs depending on monitors so may be slightly different to our image]. High quality cotton weave background.Can be washed and ironed.Easy to hang with Rod Pocket.Seamless surface makes photo’s easy to edit if needed, soaks light.Portable if needed but great for permanent studio.The extra length on this product allows trailing from backdrop across the floor make ideal for multi angle shots and studio shoots.Whats in the box ?1 x Ex-Pro Cotton backdrop 3m x 6m.1 x Ex-Pro Cloth pouch for clean storage of your background.